How to choose the Right Bathroom Light Fixture Type and Style

Bathroom Light Fixtures Ideas

Bathroom light fixture serve two functions which are to provide the needed light and also to give a touch of style for the bathroom itself.  Basically, there are no difference between the type and style of bathroom light fixture with other light fixture that is meant for other part of the house.

Lighting fixture type itself includes chandelier, ceiling, fans, pendants, recessed, utility and wall. Some types work great for bathroom lighting while other such as chandelier, for obvious reason, is not the best option for bathroom lighting

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Rustic Bathroom Wall Light Fixtures Decoration

Modern Bathroom Light Fixtures

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Bathroom Light Fixture Type and Style

Ceiling Bathroom Light Fixture

Ceiling bathroom light fixture is one of the most popular types of lighting use for bathroom. This type of lighting fixture was able to provide general lighting, which will work great for small size room such as bathroom. They also come in various sizes and style, such as modern style, traditional style and transitional style.

Square Bathroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

Retro Glass Chrome Bathroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

Bulb Bathroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

Recessed Lighting Fixture

Recessed lighting fixture considered to be very versatile because it can be used for different purpose such as gives general lighting to the whole area, task lighting or concentrated lighting and also as accent lighting to highlight specific part of the bathroom such as décor details. Most recessed bathroom light fixture also considered as neutral, which means it will suit almost all bathroom style.

When using recessed lighting fixture, make sure to include its housing, to protect the lamp and the bulb from moisture.  A fully enclosed trim work best for area that most likely gets splashed by water in bathroom. There are broad ranges of bulbs or light source that can be used for recessed lighting fixture such as LED light, compact fluorescent and incandescent.

Recessed Bathroom Light Fixture Ideas

Recessed Bathroom Light Fixture New Design

Recessed Bathroom Light Fixture

Utility Lighting

This type of lighting work best for those who want to provide enough light for the bathroom without have to worry for its effect on the whole décor. As the name stated, utility lighting work great for a room that was meant to utility such as garage, but that doesn’t meant that this type of fixture won’t work in a bathroom.

Wall lighting

Wall lighting works great as a décor bathroom light fixture. They are available in all sorts of styles, light design and also choices of shades. Since wall lighting is usually seen at eye level, it makes them have big impact on the bathroom décor and style. It also makes wall lighting more suitable as task light such as using it along side bathroom mirror. It also can be used for general lighting where it will create the illusion of lower ceiling. In most cases, wall lighting is a part of light collection where people can have something that match with the ceiling light.

Modern Bathroom Light Fixtures

Bathroom Wall Light Fixtures Ideas Bathroom Wall Light Fixtures

With different types of bathroom light fixture that is available in the market, it is pretty difficult to pick one. The styles are range from traditional one (rustic design or iron design), modern style (something with a touch of brushed steel) and transitional style that combine both styles. Choose something that meets your personal lighting and décor need, something that match the bathroom theme and also something that suit your budget.