Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Great Tips to Save Your Money

Contemporary Modern Bathroom Remodel Idea

Bathroom remodel ideas doesn’t have to make you spend thousands of dollars in the process. There is plenty of affordable bathroom remodel ideas that you can use, which will give your bathroom a fresh and new look. Start it by considering how much money that you are willing to spare for bathroom remodel project, and from there you can take the options that meet that budget.

Top Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Paint the Bathroom

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Painting the bathroom is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to transform the look of your bathroom. Give it one or two new color and you have a basically new bathroom.

Moisture is the main factor to consider when painting bathroom. Invest on high quality paint that is capable to resist the growth of mold and mildew. This special paint will be able to last longer than the ordinary cheap paint.

luxurious-bathroom-shower-remodel-idea elegant-modern-bathroom-remodel-idea

Change the Tile

Change the tile is also one of the most effective bathroom remodel ideas. If you want to save money in the process, focus it on certain area only for example, wall or floor only. Change the old tile with new tile that has different color and pattern. Placed the tile in certain pattern, for example diamond pattern, to make it look better. You also can combine two tiles for the same effect, or use accent tile for the same purpose.



Shower Rod

Shower rod is not something that many people think about when they remodeling their bathroom. But it actually can help to create new look on the bathroom itself. Instead of the common straight rod, go for curved rod (along with new shower curtain). It gives extra space to shower area and in the same time it does look good.



Counter Tops

Counter top is one thing that people will look at the first time they enter a bathroom, so why don’t replace it with new one. This is another bathroom remodel ideas that is worth to consider. You don’t have to change any other thing about your bathroom, simply replace the counter top with something new for example granite counter top, which is pretty popular out there. Shop around to find the most affordable counter top with color and size that match your bathroom.


Change Little Details in Bathroom

If you are not up to make big change in your bathroom, then go for the small one. Another bathroom remodel ideas that you can consider is changing the little details such as bathroom fixture. The towel racks, drawer pull, sink faucet and light fixture are one of those little details that make big difference on the way your bathroom look like. Those are small investment that won’t break your budget but able to give your bathroom a new atmosphere.


There is tons of bathroom remodel ideas to choose out there. Once you decide the budget that you can work at, then you are ready to start the project. Small changes will make big difference on the look of your bathroom, and the most important thing, you can save more money along the process.