Choosing the Right Bathroom Sink Faucets for Your Awesome Bathroom

Luxurious Bathroom Sink Faucets

Bathroom sink faucets may seems like a small item among so many huge things that you need to consider when decorating your bathroom. The truth is, bathroom sink faucets gives the finishing touch of the way your bathroom will look like, so take the time to choose the right one. Just like choosing other part of bathroom, there are lots of thing to consider such as type of sink, type of faucet, budget and so on. Balance everything out and you will get the perfect faucet for your bathroom sink.

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Types of Bathroom Sink Faucets

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Choose the faucet that fit perfectly with the opening hole in the sink. There are various faucet types to choose such as:

  • Widespread faucets, work great for aesthetically designed bathroom and pretty flexible for all bathroom sink types
  • Center set faucets, work great for most bathroom sinks
  • Wall mounted faucets, works for sink that is deep enough to prevent any splash
  • Single hole faucet that comes with single or double handles
  • Vessel faucets that was meant to complement vessel sink
    wall-mounted-center-bathroom-sink-faucets unique-single-hole-modern-bathroom-sink-faucets

Faucet Style

Bathroom sink faucets also available in different sort of style that was separated base on the faucet construction and the control of the water flow. There are ball faucets, cartridge faucets and also ceramic disc faucets.  The control of the faucets also vary enough, thus you need to take this into consideration. You will find all type of faucet control including cross handle, knobs, joystick, lever handle, joy stick, push button and even the touch less type of faucet where the water will flow without have to touch it all.




Faucet Color and Finishing

Wide array of color and finishing of bathroom sink faucets is available for you to choose. The main idea is to choose something that match with the rest of bathroom décor and fixture. Don’t forget to choose spot resistant finishes for easier cleaning and maintenance. If you don’t mind with continuous maintenance, go for polished finishes that gives sparkling look, but if you look for something simpler, then opt for brushed finishes that works better to hide water spot.




Choices of color for faucets are black, bronze, brass, chrome, gold, copper, iron, stainless steel, nickel and so on. Don’t forget the decorative ceramics that comes in various designs, which will suit those who don’t like the simple and plain color faucet.




While those factors are the basic things that you need to look out when choosing bathroom sink faucets, you also may want to consider additional factor such as technology factor. There is certain technology trend for faucets, for example the sanitizing technology that will sanitize and kill germs of the water that comes out from the faucets, or perhaps the motion activated faucet that will work without even have to touch it. Take into consideration the whole factors mentioned before, evaluate it based on your personal need, situation and also budget, compare one product with another, and you will have the perfect faucet for your bathroom sink.