Dining Room Lighting : Great Tips to Choose It

Dining Room Pendant Lighting

Dining room lighting is part of dining room decoration that can affect the ambience and the atmosphere of the room. It makes this very important to choose the right dining room lighting. Since the lighting will not be touched by anyone, it gives an opportunity to get something spectacular and more adventurous to create the perfect mood.

When choosing dining room lighting, there are many aspects to consider and plenty of ideas to apply. How to get the right one? Check these things out to help you make the right decision.

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Tips and advice for choosing dining room lighting

Chandelier for Dining Room Lighting

Chandelier is the most popular option for lighting in a dining room. It acts not only as a source of light but also as a decorative element that makes it the focal point of the room. Chandelier comes in all kind of form and size, so it won’t be a trouble to find the right one.




Size and Shape

Dining room lighting shape and size should be compatible with the dining table. For round table, opt for globe or round chandelier. For those who prefer something else, go for clustered individual pendant lights that were arranged in circle. As for rectangular table, liner fixture will give the best light.The size of lighting should also be taken into consideration, so it will enhance the beauty of the furnishing as well as the food on the table without overwhelm the whole thing. It is recommended to have lighting that was 12 inches smaller than the table length and width. It will help to create accurate spread of light throughout the table without missing anything and not too overboard as well. The light itself should be installed at least 30 to 36 inches from the bottom of the light to the table surface. That is the standard measurement; although it may vary from one place to another depend on other aspects.




Dimmer Switch

Dimmer switch will help to create different ambience for different purpose. You can set the light to full bright when you have dinner with children or when they use the table for study. You also can dim the light if you are enjoying intimate dinner with spouse. Choose warm light from 60 – 75 watts bulbs, which are the most flattering light level that everyone can enjoy and combine it with dimmer switch, will help to create the perfect ambience.




Layers of Light

You also can create layers of light that come from different source. It will act as a functional style of lighting. Use something such as recessed light, track lighting and wall scones that will give general lighting and in the same time highlighted specific area in the dining room. It will create pleasant effect to the whole room.




Choosing dining room lighting should not be as complicated as it may seem. It’s true that there are tons of lighting for dining room out there but as long as you follow the basic rules of choosing the perfect lighting and combine it with your personal taste of lighting, then you will be able to make up your mind in no time.