The Best Way to Arrange Your Comfy Living Room Furniture Sets

Living Room Furniture Sets Ikea

Living room furniture sets should be arranged in the best possible way to create a comfortable area where everyone feels welcome so they can converse each other nicely. The style and design for living room furniture sets will greatly depend on the house owner preference, so what works for one person may not work for other.

While style and design may vary from one another, the arrangement of the furniture set itself is different. There are some basic rules and tips of furniture arrangement that people can apply to create a warm and welcoming living room.

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Tips to Arrange Living Room Furniture Sets

Set the Focal Point

Focal point is the center of attention in a living room. In most cases, this will be TV or perhaps fire place. Setting the focal point of the room will help people to arrange their living room furniture sets. The angled of the furniture will goes to the focal point and that will make things easier. For straight and more direct arrangement, placed the main sofa across the focal point and everything else follow in line.




Walking Space

Give enough walking space on the main pathway. Do not let anything block the way where people come and go. Give it free room to breathe where people can move easily, which will make the room feel more inviting. The same thing goes for the area between each furniture. Gives some room between each furniture, for example gives 15 – 18 inches between coffee table and main sofa. If the room has more than one opening, create an imaginary walking space from one opening to another where people can walk freely without have to detour.

Classic Symmetry Arrangement

Start with the classic symmetry arrangement. Arrange the living room furniture sets in a classic arrangement where the main sofa sits directly across the other sofa or two pair of chairs with coffee table between it. Place the focal point of the far side of the arrangement. It allows people to converse easily because it gives no direct view to the focal point. This classic arrangement works all the time and it is something worth to try at first attempt.




Planned Ahead

Arrange living room furniture sets will be so much easier if it was already planned ahead. Work on this issue smartly by doing everything on paper (or perhaps using specific tool or software). It is so much easier to arrange and rearrange the whole thing in paper because it requires no physical effort. Draw the whole thing on the paper, create several arrangement scenarios and imagine which one that works best. This will help to save time and energy, and avoid any frustration for having to work it all over again in the first place.





Those are the basic tips for arranging living room furniture sets. No matter what kind of arrangement that people choose, make sure that they feel comfortable with it. That should be the main priority because after all, they are the one who are going to live with it, so arrange things carefully and enjoy the result.