Living Room Rugs: The Easy Way to make Home Comfy

Unique living room rugs

Do you have an empty living room? Are you out of ideas of what kind of decorations to put in your living room? Try this, the perfect home decorations for you; living room rugs!

Rugs in the living room have the functions to cover and protect the floor from dust because it is easier to clean with a vacuum, to protect the floor from getting scratches from the legs of the tables and sofas or chairs, as well as to protect our feet from the coldness of the floor. It is nice to have a warm soft feeling from the living room rugs under your feet instead of the cold hard floor, is it not?

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Grey Living Room Rugs

living room rug modern ideas

Rugs could also be used as an illusion to make the living room looks more spacious than it is. And of course, to liven up your dull looking living rooms. If you have a monochrome or black and white and grey color theme living room, a bright color rug such as red, yellow, or blue is the perfect match to live the atmosphere up. Before deciding on a rug for your living room, you also have to consider some point to get the perfect one.

Things to consider before buying living room rugs

From small to big, you could choose the size of the rugs for your living rooms as you like. Do you want to cover the whole surface of your living room floor? Or do you want small rugs which are in the perfect size to be just under the table as well as the sofas? Make your mind freely!

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Bright Color Stripes Modern Living Room Rugs

There are rugs with various shapes, from a simple circular round, an eclipse, to a wild bear. Those rugs oftenly used as a cover of a certain areas, like at the end of the sofa where your feet touch the ground. But the most common shape to use is the shape of a square or rectangular.

A wild bear Living Room Rugs Size

Eclipse Living Room Rugs unique living

Simple Circular Round Brown Living Room Rugs

There are many patterns you could pick. Stripes, polkadots, shapes college, a picture of something of your liking, a painting perhaps, or even abstract ones. They also come in many colors. In choosing the color for the living room rugs; it is either a color which matches the whole decoration concept of your home, or are you gonna think out of the box and use a color which is the total opposite and contrasted to your home? There is no in between.

Unique Rugs Polkadots Modern Living Room Rugs

Stripes Living Room Rugs 2019

Animal prints like zebra, leopard, giraffe, and tiger. Fashion designers who use animal prints are not easy to count, means there a lot of them, all of them even. Products like hand bags, wallet, belt, jacket, and shoes have animal prints edition on its own by every fashion brands out there. How about using them as a home decoration? To be more precise, as your living room rugs? These patterns in fact could fancy up your living rooms. There is no denying that animal prints are classy and is able to pull off a sexy vibe.

Follow to get Living room tips

Zebra Patter Living Room Rugs

Plain ol’ cotton, wool, silk, sea grass, synthetics, or extra soft and tingling fur. Choose a rug with fabric materials that you like. Also, make sure you know the pros and cons of each fabric materials, and how to clean it without destroying it.

Modern Seagrass Living Room Rugs

 Synthetics Modern Living Room Rugs

Modern Wool Living Room Rugs

Here are some tips to clean and keep your living room rugs tidy and neat. First, clean your rugs from dust and pet’s fur with adhesive roll mop. Second, turn on your vacuum cleaner and suck up all of the remaining dirt. Third, gently pat pat pat with a wet sponge. And voila! Your living room rugs are as good as new!

Now let’s go to the local home depot to hunt some nice living room rugs. Liven up the atmosphere and make your home extra comfortable and cozy with living room rugs!

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