Some to Consider Before Modern Bathroom Vanities for Your Home

Modern Glass Bathroom Vanities

Modern bathroom vanities is a practical, functional and aesthetical part of furniture that offer the opportunity for house owner to store all sort of items such as brush and cream that was used in bathroom.  Modern bathroom vanities are available in all sorts of designs and size, from one compact size vanity for small bathroom to double vanity that looks great on wide bathroom. While choose vanity for modern bathroom, there are plenty aspects to consider in order to get the best one.

List to  Consider Before Picking a Modern Bathroom Vanities

Size is Everything

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When it comes to choose modern bathroom vanities, then size is indeed everything. You need to consider the size of the bathroom itself. It will affect greatly on the size, shape and type of vanities. It will help you to get the right proportion of bathroom vanity that is not too small nor it too large that gives cramped feeling.




The best approach is to look for the vanity width. It will give straight answer whether the vanity will fit into the space or not. It also helps you to determine whether you need single or double vanity. Single vanity has width range from 36 – 48 inches that makes it great for small bathroom. In the other hand, double vanity has width range from 60 – 72 inches and it work great from big size bathroom where it allow two people to use it in the same time, which will help in morning rush.

The width of vanity is not the only thing to look for in modern bathroom vanities. You also need to measure vanity depth. Consider the kind of obstruction in your bathroom, whether it is the door, wall and other bathroom fixture. You need to consider it so you will be able to open the drawer fully without have to hit anything.




Bathroom User

Consider who are going to use the bathroom often. The size of the modern bathroom vanities or in this case its height should be comfortable enough for user. If the bathroom is used mostly by adult, then opt for vanity around 36 inches in height. As for children bathroom, the safe bet is vanity that is around 30 inches in height. As precaution, always provide a step tool, just in case the vanity is out of user reach.



Bathroom Style

This is very obvious, because you surely have to use modern bathroom vanities in a modern theme bathroom. Go for something simple and straight in line, which is the main idea of modern style and definitely don’t choose ornate vanity that will not match the whole theme. Also consider the type of sink, whether its integrated sink or vessel sink, because it will affect the vanity design.



Choosing modern bathroom vanities is not as hard as some people think it was. You need to consider not only the way it look and also how it will affect the look of the bathroom itself. Considering the size, height and width proven to be as important, in order to get a bathroom vanity that look good, function well, and also comfortable to use.