Modern Bedroom Furniture Ideas for Your Dream Home

Unique Modern Bedroom Furniture Decoration

Modern bedroom furniture is in rage this day, mostly because it fits with modern lifestyle that demands simplicity in all aspect. Simple, clean and minimalist are the main theme of modern bedroom furniture and there are plenty ideas to pick up on this matter to create a real modern bedroom.

Tips and ideas to choose the items of your modern bedroom furniture

Bed Size and Shape

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Bed is the center part of modern bedroom furniture. Choosing the right bed is very important, not only for the look but also for comfort. A rectangular shape bed is too common, so why don’t try something else such a circular bed. Circular bed is unique on its own and it does lend modern style on the bedroom. Another option is platform bed with high mattress and low level wooden bed frame. It is comfortable and pretty popular among young people this day. What about space age vinyl bed with white and black color? It is really eye catching and surely looks very moderns. The options are abundant so no need to stick on the ordinary one.




Dresser and Drawers

Dresser and drawer are inseparable part of modern bedroom furniture. Following the rules of modern furniture style, there are so many options of dresses and drawer to choose. Getting the whole modern bedroom set that share the same color and style is an option but that is not a must. People can mix and match furniture to get the look they want. For dresser and drawer, go for something with different shape, for example geometric shape. A rectangular drawer is okay, but an oval shape Italian style chest of drawers or circular dresser will create huge difference on the way the bedroom look like.




Accessories for Modern Bedroom

Modern style main principle is “less is more”, that means it only use stick to the basic furniture with no additional knick knack. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require accessories as a personal touch. The most important thing is to add useful accessories that please the eye. Take example of chandelier, wall scones and brushed steel lamps, which works double, as the source of lighting as well as the accessories that will enhance the look of the bedroom itself. An adorned mirror will also add the look of the bedroom without cluttering the room itself.





Bed, drawer, dresser and the accessories are part of a bedroom. But it is far from over. The last part of creating a real modern bedroom is the finishing touch. The finishing touch in this case is in choosing the color and also furnishing. For the furniture, choose white, mauves, tans and brown, and for the wall choose neutral color. As for the furnishing, goes for smooth and soft fabric such as cotton and silk for bed sheets and pillow, with matching rugs. Don’t forget the curtain and drapes as well. Add personal touch here and there and it’s done. Those are only some ideas that people can apply when arranging for modern bedroom furniture that surely will create modern bedroom that is unique and also comfortable.