Modern Living Room Tips to Enliven Your House

Ultra Modern Living Room

Modern living room is the perfect place to wind up after a busy day where you and family can interact each other or enjoy all sort of entertainment. The modern style on a living room is something that many people look this day because it is so much easier to care for and it also represents a modern life style.

Creating modern living room is something that anyone can achieve as long as they incorporate certain element, which is considered as part of modern design.

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Important Elements of Modern Living Room


Start with the color of the room. When you try to create modern living room, you need to create a base color scheme and accent color. Base color scheme will be the foundation or the base color of the room. Choose neutral palette color such as stark white, beige and cream. It will create a blank state that is will make the rest of the room stand out.

After that, go for accent color. This is where you play with brighter color such as red, yellow, lime green or orange. Use it as accent only, and don’t go overboard with it. It means use the color for certain aspect of the room for example pillow case, rug or perhaps curtain.

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A modern living room should feel airy and bright enough day and night. You can get it by adding more glass window or patio door to let the sunlight reach every single part of the room. Opt for simple and modern lighting such as recessed ceiling lights. This type of lighting will light the whole room without any thing stand in the way, and since it has neutral décor (sometimes it was relatively hidden), it won’t clash with other part of the room.

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Modern Living Room Ideas

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Modern Furniture

The furniture will be the main aspect that will define whether a room has a modern theme or not. Make sure to choose modern living room furniture. You can buy it in set or separately, depend on your personal taste. Clean and sharp lines are the characteristic of modern furniture, so get something that has that characteristic.

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Storage Area

Another characteristic of modern design is no clutter. It means that nothing is scattered around, there are not too many items on the shelves and so on. Modern living room should look simple by only having the most needed item around. This is what a storage area will do (specifically closed storage), where you can keep all of your belonging and item on it, grab it anytime you need it without have to leaving too much in the open. Pick any kind of storage, such as small chest, a closet, or anything else that you find suitable for your living room.

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Consider all those aspects and you will get a perfect modern living room. Don’t forget to incorporate technology in it and make sure to keep all those untidy cables away from prying eye. This way, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable moment in your living room with everyone else.