Outdoor Dining Sets : The Recommended Material to Make It

Modern Outdoor Dining Sets

Outdoor dining sets provide people with the chance to enjoy their meal with friends and family in open air. It is nice to eat outside and there are more and more people who look for nice outdoor dining sets to place in their house. Now, the style and design is wholly depending on the person taste and preference. But the material, that is a whole different thing.

You need to know what kind of material that commonly used for outdoor furniture before you take a pick on the right material and then you can go on selecting the design and style that you like.

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Cute Modern Outdoor Dining Sets

Wood Oval Outdoor Dining sets

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The Recommended Material for Outdoor Dining Sets


The best thing about outdoor dining sets that was made from aluminium is that they are durable, light weight, low maintenance and it won’t rust unlike other types of metal. But since it is pretty light, it may not the best choice to use in windy area. There are different types of aluminium that used for make outdoor furniture where cast and wrought aluminium are stronger and heavier than ordinary aluminium, which will be able to stand to wind.

Modern Aluminium Outdoor Dining Sets

Outdoor Aluminium Dining Sets with Umbrella

Round Aluminium Outdoor Dining Sets


The natural appeal of wood material is the one thing that makes wood furniture very popular. Make no mistake because there different types of wood such as cedar, pine, fir, teak, and eucalyptus. Cedar and pine are softwood that is not as durable as hardwood, but wilt proper care and maintenance; it could last for up to 20 years. In the other hand, outdoor dining sets that were made from hardwood such as teak and eucalyptus can last up to 50 years. With special care and maintenance such as using sealant and special oil, the lifespan of this furniture set will increase significantly.

Wood Rectangular Outdoor Dining Sets With Umbrella

Wood Oval Outdoor Dining sets

Modern Wood Outdoor Dining Sets


Plastic is the most affordable options for outdoor dining sets. But it may not have the look that other material gives and it may not last as long as the other.  But it requires very low maintenance and also available in different kind of shapes and styles, which makes it a good option for those who are looking for new look from time to time.

Plastic Outdoor Dining Sets with Green Chairs

White Plastic Outdoor Dining Sets


Steel is the perfect material for those who are looking for something heavier than aluminum but not as heavy as wrought iron. This material work great for outdoor dining sets, with its durability, strength and also endurance where it is able to stand against wind and weather. To prevent rust, use special powder coating, which will make it last longer.

Round Steel Outdoor Dining Sets

Steel Outdoor Dining sets With Umbrella

Steel Rectangular Outdoor Dining Sets

Rattan and Synthetic Resin

Both material usually use in wicker furniture. The term “wicker” refers to the way the material weave and not the name of the material itself. In order to increase the resistance and it also got something to do with environmental issue, synthetic resin that was made with the same look of real rattan, is more popular than its natural counterpart.  It has stylish look, light weight, durable and also required low maintenance.

Rattan Outdoor Dining Sets with Umbrella

Rectangular Rattan Outdoor Dining Sets

Now you know the kind of material that was used for outdoor dining sets. You can pick the right material that meet your personal need and situation, and enjoy a stylish meal with friend and family on your backyard.