Round Kitchen Table Ideas for Your Dynamic Lifestyle

New Style White Round Kitchen Table

Round kitchen table is quite favorable and now more popular than its counterpart, the rectangular kitchen table. Why? Because a perfect round kitchen table is far more flexible in term of how many people that can sit around and it also works great for small area.

Besides, there are more and more people out there who don’t want to stick with the rectangular table, which is pretty common to use and round table provide a perfect diversion from the mainstream option without going way too far. There are plenty options of round table to apply and it makes this shape of kitchen table become more popular.

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White Round Kitchen Table

Round Kitchen Table

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Round Kitchen Table Size and Materials

Round Kitchen Table Size

First thing to look up when finding the perfect round kitchen table is no other than its size. How big the table should be? It will depend on how many people that are going to use it. Most round tables able to fit for 4 people. But what if an unexpected guest comes around? That is the neat thing about round table. People can fit one or two additional guest around the table easily.

If the table use not only to have a meal but also for other activity such as playing games, read or perhaps working on homework, then opt for something bigger. But if it’s not, then the medium size should be good enough, again it will be varying from one person to another depend on their need.

Rustic Round Kitchen Table

Rustic Round Kitchen Table Ideas

Round Pedestal Kitchen Table

Round Kitchen Table Material

The most popular round kitchen table is the one made from wood. Wood is versatile and it can fit into almost all décor style, and that what makes it so popular. But that is not always the case. Other options are available such as glass top table which will make the space look bigger. Combine it with clear chair and it will transform into something really interesting.

Round Kitchen Table with Leaf

Round Kitchen Table Ideas

Elegant Round Pedestal Kitchen Table

Other ideas that people can applied with their round table is not on the material that was made into the table, but more to the material that was used for the surrounding chair. We talk about combination, and that is one thing that will change the whole preconceived notions about the table. For example, a glass top table combines with wicker chair or chair with upholstery leather, or perhaps a sofa chair with colorful upholstery.

Round Glass Kitchen Table

Modern White Round Kitchen Table

For the table itself, people can get a table that use different material on the top and its leg. A combination between two different materials on round kitchen table look even more prominent if the table itself uses glass top. A clear glass top will show people clearly what is beneath it, for example wood leg, chrome base leg, wicker leg, stainless steel leg and other kind of material that is available in all sort of shape and design.

Modern White Round Kitchen Table Ideas

Modern Round Kitchen Table Ideas

A round kitchen table is not as boring as it used to be. There is different kind of style and design that was carried into this furniture. It makes people able to find something that will match the whole décor theme in their house quite easily and affordably.