Some Great Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas for Your Home

Walnut Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Rustic bathroom vanities are in rage right now. Rustic décor is a way of bringing the old time into this modern day. People love using rustic bathroom vanities as part of their rustic house décor because it reminds them about the old times, when people still use wood for basically every part of their house, but in this case, they merge this whole atmosphere with the comfort of modern life style.

Rustic style is always considered as part of being close to the nature. But that doesn’t mean you have to live next to a lake or living on mountain to have the rustic style décor in your house. Give your house or in this case your bathroom a splash of rustic style using rustic bathroom vanities.

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Simple Rustic Bathroom Vanities with Stone Table Top

Rustic Modern Bathroom Vanities

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Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas You Can Do

Recycled or Repurposed Material

Remember that wood is the basic material for any rustic design and you won’t get something better than the recycled wood that was made into a vanity. You can use a reuse a wine barrel as vanity bathroom or, you can recycled wood furniture and transform it into a vanity cabinet under your sink.

Alder Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Butternut Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Rustic Modern Bathroom Vanities Ideas

Rustic Character

Rustic design characteristic is in the raw material look. Choose something that looks as raw as possible. Since wood is the foundation material for rustic design, this is easy enough to achieve. Choose the type of wood for rustic bathroom vanities from cedar, alder, hickory, walnut, willow, cherry, butternut, oak and other type of wood. Each wood type has its distinct character, where you will find something you fall in love with. If you want to get stronger rustic feeling from the vanities, choose something that has distressed character on it such as small crack and knots. It adds more character to the wood and to the rustic feeling itself.

Willow Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Rustic Cedar Bathroom Vanities

Oak Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Hickory Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Stone Tabletop

Add a more natural feel on the rustic bathroom vanities by using stone tabletop. The two of them look great together, especially if you use matte finish that looks more natural and complement the wood vanities.

Rustic Bathroom Vanities with Stone Table Top

Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Alternative to Wood Material

Wood is indeed the main material for rustic style, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with it. If you already use wood material in different part of your bathroom, you may want to lay low a little and choose something else for the vanities. What about bathroom vanities that was made from copper? Copper sink and vanities will add nice touch to a rustic bathroom and also break the expanse of wood around it. Why copper? Because decades ago, many household use copper sink, so why not adapt it and use in the present day.

Cherry Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Oak Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Creating rustic bathroom is like trying to bring nature into the house and in the same time creating an atmosphere of living in the past. Rustic bathroom vanities are only one small part of rustic bathroom décor and design. There are other things to do such as adding more items that was made from different material such as stone and wrought iron will enhance the rustic appeal and give you the comfortable feeling while taking your refugee in the bathroom.