Small Bathroom Ideas : Tips to Work on Your Bathroom

Unique Contemporary Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom Ideas – Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean that you have to put away all of your design ideas. In fact, the small size will challenge you to release all of your creative ideas to make everything looks well organized. Here are some tips and tricks from the expert you can follow.

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas Choosing Your Style

Bathroom might not be the center of attention of your house, but decorating it with your chosen style and preferences is another story. Here are some common styles in bathroom decoration that you can choose.

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Small Narrow Bathroom Ideas With Tub and Shower

Modern Small Bathroom Decorating

For those who aim for simplicity and elegance, this style might work best on you. Modern style is characterized by minimalist style, natural shapes, and subtle lines. It uses some materials such as aluminum, plastic, or plywood. Even though the point of modern style is its spaciousness, you can use mirror to make illusion for bigger bathroom. Opt for pure colors such as grey, black, white, and neutral colors to enhance the elegance. It is OK to choose more than two color but try to make them work harmoniously. Do not overpower the design by putting too many colors at once. If you want to have a center attention, use rugs with bold color such as red or neon pink, or rugs with geometric patterns

Modern Small Bathroom Ideas

Elegant Modern Small Bathroom Ideas

Classic Small Bathroom Decorating

Classic style has rich details usually in the form of patterns such as floral or leaves even vegetable. If you think your small bathroom cannot handle furniture with such a great detail, go for the accessories. That way, you will have classic style bathroom without having to worry about the space it may have left.  Another way to create classic bathroom style is by choosing the right wall pattern or floor pattern. Small detailed pattern with wide spaces between one another is best for small bathrooms since it won’t look cramped and make your bathroom smaller. If your wall has already have pattern, opt for plain floor and vise versa

Elegant Classic Small Bathroom Ideas

Rustic & Classic Small Bathroom Ideas

Contemporary Small Bathroom Decorating

Also known as Scandinavian style, it is characterized by precise object proportion and with furniture made of organic materials. Unlike classic style, contemporary style focuses on the function of the furniture, not the ornament. Choose grey or blue textiles for the floor and stripped wallpapers with not too much detail for the wall. Contemporary rooms are identical with high gloss surfaces. Your water tap, shower, and mirror frame should be the ones that have shine to it.

Slylis Contemporary Small Bathroom Ideas

Contemporary Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas Tips and Trick to Store Your Bathroom Thingies

Instead of cramping a huge storage into a small bathroom, here are some ideas of how to store your bathroom thingies.


Shelves are the simplest place that can store things. You can put them above the sink to store your toothbrush, toothpaste, hair dryer, or any other things that you usually use. You can also mount a shelf above the bathroom door to store things such as clean robes or towel.

Modern Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Modern Small Bathroom Ideas 2016


Cabinets can be put above the toilet or under the sink to maximize the extra room. You can add some plastic organizers or use the lazy Susan and drawer inside the cabinets. Drawer is perfect for organizing bigger stuffs such as shampoo, soap, toilet papers, or hairdryer while lazy Susan and plastic organizers are perfect for organizing smaller things such as hair clips or safety pins


Maximize the storage with mounting racks behind the door bathroom or next to your sink. You can put towels, toiletries, even makeup in it without having to cramp up the room. Keep in mind that mounted racks usually act as secondary storage and are not supposed to store any big or heavy materials.

Simple Modern Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Small Bathroom Ideas on Budget to Remodel Your Bathroom Style

Thinking of remodeling your bathroom or change its style? Why not taking these steps and save more money?

Limit Your Tile Area

If you plan to tile up your bathroom walls, the easiest way to cut the budget is to limit the amount of tiles. Opt for simple pattern tile since it costs you less money, or put the expensive tiles as frame and fill the center with cheaper ones. You can put wallpaper or simply paint the rest of the wall.

Awesome Contemporary Small Bathroom Classic Small Bathroom Ideas

Do-It-Yourself Countertops

Instead of buying fancy countertops, you can make ones using old dressers as sink pedestal. Modify the dresser by cutting the top and removing some drawers if necessary. Don’t forget to make holes in the back for plumbing purposes and paint it afterwards.


Simplest way to remodel your bathroom is by repainting them. Make sure to choose paint that is waterproof and mold proof. Before painting, cover up some areas such as window frame, shower tube, mirror frame, sinks and any other things that are mounted on the wall with some painter tapes. Lastly, never rush the process of painting since rushing it won’t give you good result.

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