Best Tips to Choose Small End Tables for Your House

Small Oval End Tables

Small end tables play important key in creating the perfect round and polished look on a room. It small size may seems unimportant but ignore and you will feel that something is missing. Small end table not only complete the whole look of a room but it also has its function as a landing pad for all sort of thing such as a glass of coffee, a vase flower, a book and so on.

That is why, when choosing end tables, you need to pay attention on several aspects of the tables, so you can get the perfect one.

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Black Small end tables

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Put these on Your Checklist before Choosing Small End Tables

Height and Size of End Tables

How high end tables should be? If the people who sit on the sofa next to it feel comfortable on placing and taking their glass from it, then it is the ideal height. The thumb rule is, the height of small end table should be equal or below the sofa arms and not lower than the height of the sofa. The best height should be around 3 inches lower than the arm. If you use armless sofa, get something that equal to the imaginary arm or equal with the sofa height.

As for the size, try to find something that close with the size of the sofa. If you can’t find something like it, then your best bet is to find something smaller and not bigger than the sofa.

Square Small end tables

small end tables with drawer

small black end tables with drawer

Shapes of End Tables

The shapes of small end table will depend on the location where it will be placed. If it’s placed on the corner of the room, then square end tables will fit perfectly. But if it’s not, you can play with your option. You can opt for round or rectangular end tables depend on what you like the most. Match it or mismatch it with the other table in the room to achieve the look that you want. If you already have oval table, go for square end tables or perhaps nesting table. It is all up to you and what you like the most.

round small end tables

small end tables

End Tables Style and Material

Today, there is no rules that saying you have to have everything matches with each other. The same thing goes for small end table. You don’t have to look for modern stainless steel end tables to match your modern sofa. Mix the modern sofa with nice looking wood end tables, which will create visual interest in the room and that makes everything look better. The main thing is to look for something that will complement each other, something that connect in one way or another although they don’t really matches in the first look.

Metal Small end tables

wood small end tables

Of course there will always be some exception on choosing small end table as well as choosing other furniture. But it always good to have something to start and those aspects mentioned before is the starting ground for you to stand. Start with the basic aspect and you will find that it will be easier to find the perfect end tables to put next to your loving sofa.