Some List of Teen Bedroom Ideas You Must Do

Multi Purpose Teen Bedroom Ideas

Teen Bedroom Ideas – Have absolutely no ideas to design a teen bedroom? Or are you having a hard time in projecting what your teens dream of to be their bedrooms? Well, just keep reading and you’ll find fun teen bedroom ideas, and you can be awesome parents!

A teenager’s mind is like a difficult puzzle to figure out, sometimes even a mystery and mostly chaotic, as teen era is the time when they are trying to find their true identity, also understanding bits and bits of life. Therefore, their bedroom is the only place they could escape and put their minds at ease. Because for them, a bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. They get their homeworks done in there, they pour out their tears, anger, and frustration in there, and they hang out and play with their friends in there as well. To make them feel even better, their bedrooms have to be designed to their likings.

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Simple Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas

Army Teen Bedroom Ideas for Boy

teen guy bedroom ideas tumblr

First thing first, what is their favorite color? Teen boys mostly like blue, and teen girls mostly like pink or purple. Play and mix with their favorite colors in a fun way.

Then, decide on a theme. For example if you have a teen who is athletic, then the best theme for their bedroom is any sports category which they fancy. There are range and range of sports exist; football, basketball, softball, skating, and many more. Which one your teen is good at and have lots of trophies from the competitions?

Stars Wars Teen Bedroom Ideas

Simple Teen Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Black and WhiteTeen Bedroom Ideas for Guy

Or, a simple classic bedroom idea could be perfect, it does not have to be majestic. But learn what ‘simple’ is; modern and creative, not plain or boring.

After you have the perfect teen bedroom ideas, now you have to list the needed items down before making your way to shop at the local home depot. There are some essentials or furnitures which are a must to have in a teen bedroom.

DIY Teen Bedroom Ideas for Girl

Simple Purple Teen Bedroom Ideas for Girl

Modern Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

Here is a helpful list of items for you to arrange teen bedroom ideas

Beds and Beddings

Of course, what is a bedroom without a bed and its bedding. Decide on the size of the bed first, single or medium, queen sized? Perhaps even a king size? Is it gonna be a double decker bed? What about the shape? The regular rectangular or do you want to be wild and crazy with customized shaped bed frame?

As for the beddings, characters like Batman, Superman, Captain America, or colors like blue and red are most likely used as a teen boy’s bedding. While for teen girls, they mostly opt for beddings with pastel colors and flower patterns.

Minimalis Modern Teen Bedroom Ideas

Cute Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas for Twin

Beautiful Teal Girl Teen Bedroom Ideas Teal

Study Tables

The hell of school works in a teen’s life. Make it more bearable for them with a nice set of study table that would inspire them and is comfortable to work their brains at. Stack their books and stationery neatly to have them easy to find and use.

Accent Furnitures

Accent furnitures here are cupboards, bedside table, lamps, carpets, curtains, and more. They are not just furnitures, they are what could describe a teen’s personality or behavior is. Cupboards for clothes is a must, but there is a need to also have cupboards for books, trophies, wall decorations such as wallpaper, paintings, frames of pictures, and other stuff a teen may have in their bedroom. Carpets are quite an important essential too, because a teen could have as many as friends who like to come over and hang out or play in the bedroom. Therefore, the carpets act as their seats on the floor.

Minimalis Modern Teen Bedroom Ideas

Elegant Teen Bedroom Ideas for Boy

You can take a look at the site and other site to have more inspirations on teen bedroom ideas. Maybe you could ‘steal’ their ideas and apply it to your teen’s bedroom, because they would prefer to sleep and hang out in a place which is covered with their favorite stuff and very much has a cool vibe to it.