How to Grow Garlic Indoors Without Any Significant Problems

How to grow garlic indoors can be very useful information for all of us who are staying at home. Stay at home for several months is getting boring. We may think about what we can do else to spend the day meaningfully. And gardening is one of the good ideas to try.

How to Grow Garlic Indoors

If you want to try gardening for the first time, make sure you choose the plant carefully. For your recommendation, try garlic first. Growing garlic indoors is enjoyable and can quite easily. There are steps you need to follow to be able to plan it successfully.

After mastering the steps, you can harvest your own garlic and taste it tastes better than the one sell in the supermarket. Now let’s learn how to grow garlic indoors from seed. You can follow the steps below carefully.

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5 Steps on How to Grow Garlic Indoors Without Problems

You can grow garlic in water or soil. That is why here we will talk about both ways on how to grow garlic indoors in water or soil. First, let’s follow the steps for growing garlic in soil then the last steps will talk about growing garlic in water. Hopefully, this information can help you greatly!

1. Know the Seeds You will Use

The first step on how to grow garlic indoors from seed of course by knowing the seed you will use. In this case, we will use seed cloves, not actual garlic seeds. You may choose the cloves of large garlic as it will grow as garlic with a large bulb. Otherwise, you can store the garlic in the refrigerator first for 6 weeks before planting it.

2. Plant the Seeds inside the Soil

If the seeds ready, you can start planting it. These steps are for you who want to grow garlic inside the soil in a small container. You have to separate the cloves from its head. After that, plant it halfways inside the soil until 2 inches deep. Other cloves need to plant apart from each other up to 2 or 4 inches.

3. Using Water to Grow Garlic Indoors

For you who want to know how to grow garlic indoors in water, let’s follow these steps. Fill the small container with a little bit of water. Make sure the water just enough to cover the bottom part of the clove. Don’t submerge it. After that, you just need to wait. After a few days, the cloves will grow tall. You just need to cut it from the top.

4. Make Sure the Sun and Water Needs Carefully

The next step on how to grow garlic indoors fast is by giving it enough sun. Make sure it receives 6 hours of sunlight a day. Or let’s say you keep it in a room with temperatures from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. For the water needs, you need to know when is the right time to give it. Check the soil or the water stock before watering it.

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5. Add Fertilizer for Both Ways

Either on how to grow garlic indoors in water or soil, both of them need fertilizer. You can add fertilizer twice a month for the one inside the soil. Then for you who grow it inside water need to add the nutrient solution to the water. This way you can experience the result of how to grow garlic indoors fast and successful.

Now, you already know how to grow garlic indoors fast and without problems. Let’s try it as soon as possible. Several months after, you can use your own garlic as spices in your dishes. Good luck trying to grow it!