How to Grow Onions in Water: Can Be Done by Children Too

How to Grow Onions in Water

How to grow onions can be interesting for you to educate children about how a plant grows. As we know, children need to learn from home since the outbreak of the covid-19 virus. They can not experience the process of planting plants with all their friends in school, like before.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t educate them on how to grow onions at home. Onions can regrow in water as the medium. So if you want to learn how to grow onions in water at home, here is the information right for you.

You can try the activity with the children at home. The process is easy and not harmful at all. So let’s learn how to grow onions from the explanation we have prepared for the next part.

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5 Things to Know on How to Grow Onions in Water

You need to know that we will use onions as the seed, not the actual onions seeds. So, here we will learn how to grow onions from onions and what to know about it. There are 5 things to know and let’s follow the explanation below for it.

1. Things You Will Need

To be able to grow onions at home, you need to prepare onions, scissors, and glass or jar. Besides that, you will need toothpicks and a wide-mouthed jar too. If you try this with children, make sure you keep the scissors from them. Let them see the process of cutting is better than let them cut it by themselves.

2. Trim the Onions Carefully

You need to trim the onions as the first step. Please focus to trim all the old roots, if they have it. Don’t peel off the papery skin. Let it intact as the seed of this experiment. You can insert the toothpicks next. Place four them into the side of the onion evenly.

3. Place it in a Jar with Water

As we will learn on how to grow onions in water, here you need to prepare a jar with water. But you need to place the onions from before in it and pour it with water. You only need to pour the water until the roots or the bottom part of the onions soaked.

4. Place the Jar in a Spot with Plenty of Sunlight

After that, you just need to place the jar in a spot with plenty of sunlight. The onions need sunlight to be able to grow. At least they need 6 hours of sunlight. But as this is information about how to grow onion at home, maybe there is no sunlight in a day. If this is happening, you can place it under a warm lamp.

5. Change the Water Daily

Another thing to know is about the water. You need to change the water in the jar daily. If not, the water will get dirty and it is not good for the growing process of the onions. After several weeks, you will see the onions grow from onions. That is what we called how to grow onions from onions. Interesting right?

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Doing this with young children is recommended as they can see the process of the plant grows. Moreover, you can also master the process of how to grow onions from now on. You can start planting others after that.