How to Store Cabbage in Many Different Ways

How to Storage Cabbage

How to store cabbage is not difficult at all. As all of us always need cabbage to make a variety of dishes, we need to understand how we can store them correctly. Some of us may want to know how to store it in a fridge, without the fridge, or maybe over certain weather.

If you can store it correctly, you can preserve it and then you use it later and it’s still fresh. This always happens when you are preparing food stock for winter. You want to stock the vegetables too but worry it will get damaged in the process of storing.

But if you learn how to storage cabbage correctly, you can prevent it and can still enjoy eating vegetables in winter. It is a very great way to maintain your health even the weather is very freezing outside. A very tempting offer, right?

Now that is why you need to know how to store cabbage in the fridge or without the fridge. Moreover, you will also need special tips to know how to store cabbage over winter. Let’s check out the explanation below to know more about this.

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3 Different Ways on How to Store Cabbage

To be able to enjoy the veggies over any weather you need to know how to store it correctly. And of course, you want to store cabbage correctly as it is really important in every cooking you do. Here are 3 different ways on how to store cabbage for you.

1. In Fridge

You have the fridge at home? Then you need to make use of it to store the cabbage. But even in the fridge, you need to know the correct way to store it and make sure the cabbage is kept fresh.

The first thing to take note is to store it whole until you want to use it. It means do not cut the cabbage and store it in the fridge. If you cut it and store it in the fridge, the cabbage will lose its vitamin C.

The next tip is wrapped the cabbage inside a plastic bag first. After that to maintain its crisp texture, place the cabbage in the crisper of the fridge for only up to two weeks.

Every time you plan to use the cabbage in the fridge, you need to discard out the outer leaves as it already loses its freshness.

2. Without Fridge

You do not have the fridge at home? That is okay. You still can keep the cabbage fresh. Do you know that cabbage can last several weeks even without the fridge? That is why so many people prefer to store the cabbage without a fridge.

But you still need to know some useful information about how to store cabbage without fridge. First, make sure you do not touch the cabbage too often. If you keep bruising it then it does not keep well.

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3. Over Winter

If you want to keep the cabbage over winter then you need to know how to store the cabbage over winter correctly. Of course, it is better without the fridge. You only need a plastic bag to wrap it. But make sure you wrap it loosely and place it in an area with good ventilation.

Before wrapping it in a plastic bag, you need to trim all the outer leaves which is not fresh anymore.

That is all 3 different ways on how to store cabbage without fridge, in the fridge, or over the winter. Hopefully, the information can help you keep your cabbage fresh for several weeks and use it to make a variety of yummy dishes.